Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Horsley Towers Supercar Show

The De Veres hotel in East Horsley held their annual supercar rally last weekend.

Personally, I really don't care about shiny, expensive cars. I see most of them on the streets of London, where it's a common sight to see a supercharged Ferrari gun its engine noisily down 100m of clear road, only to then sit in heavy traffic and be overtaken by 90 year old ladies with walking frames.

It's always quite amusing that my poor long suffering motorbike, with a fraction of the bhp, engine displacement, and price, can out accelerate nearly all these cars.

There were a few nice ones, however (a vintage Ferrari, an Aston Martin DB5, and a blue and orange Ford GT), and I have to admit that they all look good for the camera.

I really liked the colour scheme of this one.

This was probably my favourite car. Next to this classic Ferrari, all the modern cars looked generic and dull.

Shiny bike. Bet it doesn't do all weather commuting year round like mine however. Or anything like the miles that my poor bike does..

And also, while my bike was designed by the same designer as many (admittedly beautiful) Ducati bikes, he decided to put a decent Japanese engine in mine..

Aston Martin DB5.

Not sure this bike is best suited for a commute into London. But it would be quite good fun.

Had to go back for one more shot of this colour scheme.