Saturday, 11 May 2013

Lydford Gorge, Dartmoor

I took a wonderful walk through Lydford gorge recently.

The place was covered with wild garlic, which smelled (and tasted) great. A few bluebells were popping out, and the trees had started to get a covering (though hadn't yet finished the job).

The Whitelady waterfall was simple and beautiful, and the Devil's Cauldron was quite impressively turbulent (even more so after heavy rain I would expect).

The walk along the top of the gorge reminded me very strongly of the high walk along Billybanks in Richmond. Eerily similar, in fact.

A very nice place to visit, anyway.

Not all the trees had leaves.

Not many, in fact.

Wild garlic! Yummy!

Whitelady waterfall.

Why do people throw money in?

Shame about the shadow from the bridge..

Unfurling bracken.

Devil's cauldron.