Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The strangled bluebells of 2013

I took a wander out among the bluebells on White Down, which are usually spectacular.
Sadly, this year they weren’t so impressive. The weather slowed down the flowering of the bluebells, but didn’t seem to similarly affect the bracken, which was growing well, and in lots of places concealing the bluebells underneath.
It was still worth seeing, but sadly not the best display. Such a shame that the weather is doing pretty much the same thing as last year: a May where you need thermals and waterproofs is pretty sad: grey, wet, cold, windy. Welcome to our British summer.
On a more positive note, I spent a few hours recently deleting nearly all the photographs that I took in 2009/2010. They were really awful. Overly processed HDR shots that removed any and all atmosphere from a shot. I’m very pleased that my photographic style has moved on since then, and gone back to a far more natural look and feel (if I do anything to my photographs now, it’s usually just to deepen the shadows by boosting the contrast, and possibly lowering the colour saturation).
HDR as a technique has its place, and I still use it, but far less, and in a far more subtle (hopefully) way.