Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Battle of Beak street

I had a front row view of the events in Soho this week.

In my opinion, nobody came out of it looking good: the police acted extremely heavy handedly, and pre-
emptively, before any crime had been committed (squatting a non-residential building still being legal, as
far as I am aware). On the other hand, the protestors seemed to be following the recent tradition of
simply being anti "the system", rather than having any genuine ideas for political change (just like the
Occupy group, which, having wandered around and listened to them, was equally without direction or
ideas for change).

I personally think there are a lot of things that could and should be changed to achieve a more equal and
free society. However, nobody on Tuesday was doing anything to help that. So as usual, the police seem
more keen on suppressing the right to protest, and the protestors don't seem to get that walking down
Regent street banging a drum achieves nothing.

Anybody home?

Always time for a cuppa.

And a sandwich.

"Hi love. Will b a bit l8 4 tea."

The sticker says "Thugs for hire".

That's nice.

Though he's not impressed.

The notepad of one of the legal observers: "12:35 someone speaking through megaphone". And then they seem to have got bored and doodled a face.

Chief negotiator.

And this was the point when the police started gearing up to go in.

One Swedish family.

This chap didn't seem to move all day. I think he had a headache. Maybe from the helicopter circling overhead all day..

Yes. All day. I have no idea why..


I guess he was the building's tweeter in chief.

Meeting of minds.

I have no idea why she was carrying a print of Frida Kahlo.

"I think we got them all."

It was a gloomy, drizzly day.

Media people.

Ooops. This poor chap got up on the roof, and did in fact try to jump off the edge rather than be caught. Fortunately, a police officer grabbed him and pulled him back. I'm not sure at which point he was injured like this.

He wasn't happy. He shouted: "I'm not suicidal. I want to live forever. I just don't want to live in a police state. Shame! Shame! Shame!"

He drew a few spectators.

Though some people really didn't care.

The media are helped onto another rooftop by the police. For a better view of his bloodied face.

What's that about too many cooks..?

And a little bit of tidying up..

And we're done here.