Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Between Dunwich and Warbleswick

Okay. How do you spell Warbleswick? I think I've seen: Warbleswick; Warberlswick; Walberswick.

So if you've seen multiple variations on the spelling here, apologies, but I have no idea which one to use..

Regardless of how you spell it, it's a beautiful little village on the Suffolk coast, and the walk along the beach from Dunwich to Warbleswick is very enjoyable.

I used to visit Warbleswick as a child, where we stayed in what had been Sigmund Freud's summer house (still owned by the Freuds, I think). I remember sitting on the bridges over the little river, pulling out crabs, and trailing a net in the water while crossing on the rowboat ferry to catch starfish.

Okay, so this isn't Dunwich or Warbleswick.



For him.

And that's a tasty snack.

The huts in Warbleswick.

Looking towards the village.

The famous ferry. He was doing brisk business.

Quite a tourist attraction.

Warbleswick has some of the highest property prices in the country apparently. All the London media types have a house there..

The reed marshes are very nice.

Come an inch closer and I'll rip your face off.