Tuesday, 30 July 2013

History Live: And the last few shots..

And to finish off my History Live series, some shots that didn't fit in anywhere else..

I attended on the Saturday, which was a shame, as after three weeks of unbroken sunshine, it became cloudy, windy and a bit drizzly. A pity.

Also, how do you get in closer to the events? Come on EH?! Let me get a little bit closer!

Well.. everybody's gotta go, right?

But I reckon it's going to take him a while to get that lot off..


English soldiers.

Fix bayonets!

Right you little bastards!

EH were getting aerial shots with this little drone.

This is Sat Rav:

The Vikings used the highly intelligent raven to scout for land while at sea.

Pretty scary birds, too..

And wolf hounds. Beautiful, but very camera shy..