Sunday, 4 August 2013

Camp at Keld

Keld, in Swaledale, is probably my favourite place in the world. And below Keld are the falls of Kisdon Foss. Even with low water as here, they are always beautiful.

This time, I camped above the waterfall, enjoyed a good camp fire and food cooked on it, and the sound of the water.

By the way, anybody tuttutting about the ethics of "wild" camping: I follow very carefully the principle of "take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints". Well, in this case I also left behind a bit of wood ash, but as it's good fertilizer I'm sure nature won't mind that one..

Lower Kisdon Foss.

Upper Kisdon Foss.

Scrambled eggs, if you're wondering. And roasted vegetables nestled in the ashes. Oh, and barbecued sausages. Quite a feast, really. And there was some extremely good wine to go with it..


Considering I'd had most of a bottle of wine while taking these, I'm probably quite lucky I didn't slip in and get washed downstream.

Lit up with my torch.

Again, with a torch. And actually, considering I was a little drunk, I'm impressed with these shots..

Morning visitors to the water.


The denizens of the hills.