Monday, 12 August 2013


The whole country probably knows Amanda and Clive of Ravenseat, in the very upper part of Upper Swaledale. The BBC seem to now send a film crew to see them on a regular basis.

They farm sheep, and children, with the current count standing at seven (7). On arrival, Amanda emerged from the shed where she had been shearing sheep, accompanied by the two-week old new arrival asleep in a cot. The older children help on the farm, eldest Raven looks after guests.

In the evening they all jump aboard a quad bike and trailer and go down to a deep pool in the Swale for a swim and sunbathe.

It's not an easy life up there. The isolation, elements and market prices of lamb all conspire. But even so, it's a life truly worth living.

If you want to stay in the Shepherd's hut, book early. It's busy. But it's really worth going. A truly unique experience, in a wonderful place, with wonderful people.

The Swale runs through a gorge downstream of Ravenseat.

Ravenseat, in the distance.

The old bridge.

The farm.

Quad, taken for a trip to the local swimming pool.

Amanda, with one child (out of a possible seven).

Setting sun, with stormy skies.

Bull. And wine.

Chalky, the dog. Very friendly. Especially around food.

The inside of the hut is beautifully decorated.