Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Autumn foraging

I went for a walk. Picked some sloe berries to make into gin, and a huge bag of parasol mushrooms to make into a very delicious dinner.

A note: Blogger seems to be modifying my photographs. "Improving" them, it seems. Or in reality, turning perfectly good photos into ugly ones by setting the contrast to be constant across the photo.

I can't believe they seem to be doing this, and find no option to disable this wonderfully useful "feature". Very, very annoying. Believe it or not, Blogger, I want my photographs to appear as I want them, not you..

Blogger seems to be automatically adjusting the contrast on photos uploaded. This is ridiculous. This photo looks nothing like this.

This photo should not be this bright. Ugly.


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The rain it raineth

...best to keep inside when the weather is this wet...

Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Lovelace Mausoleum

It is Heritage Open Weekend, and despite the dreadful weather, it wasn't a long walk for me to go and visit the Lovelace Mausoleum in East Horsley (in fact, it was pretty much literally a stone's throw away).

This beautiful mausoleum for the Earl Lovelace and his second wife is worth visiting. It's still open tomorrow (Sunday the 15th), so come and have a look.

It reminded me a little of the stunning Watts Chapel, which isn't such a long drive away if you have a car.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

From Guildford's Dapdune Wharf to Shalford Mill

Some old photos of a summer walk from Guildford's Dapdune Wharf to Shalford Mill:

The inside of a barge.

Waterside, in Guildford.

I think he's quite in need of a toilet. The only excuse for that expression.

Cogs and gears at Shalford Mill.

The Wey at night.