Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Ride up to Ranmore

I took the bicycle out for the first time in quite a few weeks, just for a quick loop around via Ranmore Common, to enjoy the view and sunshine.

I also enjoyed tea and cakes at St Barnabas church, which they do every Sunday during summer. Excellent cake and all proceeds go towards upkeep of the very beautiful church.

Not having been on the bicycle for a while, it's a real shock to get back on the roads and see the rude, aggressive and unpleasant behaviour from a very visible minority of car drivers. It's a small minority, but they can really ruin a pleasant ride out. Speaking as somebody who drives, rides a motorbike and cycles for pleasure and utility, I know all the rules of the road and follow them, and I believe in being patient, courteous and respectful to all other road users, at all times. It's just a shame that some don't feel the same, and it would be wonderful to get them off the roads.

These shots taken with the Pentax K-01 and 40mm lens.

My steel framed Langster, which I have really enjoyed (it used to be my commuter to work), and which I have sold once to a work colleague, but then had to have it back.. It is the bike which has made me think that steel probably is the best frame material.. It inspires confidence in the machine, unlike skittery carbon fibre.

It's got a 48x16 gearing, if you're interested. Quite a big gear for some of the steeper hills, but you can muscle it out, and on the flats it reaches a cruising speed of about 25-26 mph.

Amazingly, those gloves and jersey are ten years old. They've both seen much better days, but they're still good. The gloves, especially: I've bought cheap versions since, and they tend to fall apart after a few long rides.. Buy cheap, buy twice (or thrice..).

The steeple of St Barnabas, which is on the route of the North Downs Way.