Sunday, 20 October 2013

Weather for ducks and fungi

Autumn really is a great season. Everything looks beautiful, and food is plentiful. With all the recent rain, the forests are absolutely packed with fungi of all kinds (though nothing yesterday that I knew to be edible).

Lots of nuts. Like the huge bag of impressively large sweet chestnuts, very tasty when put in the oven. And berries. Blackberries (nearly finished). And the sloes, brewing at the moment to make sloe gin in time for Christmas.

The weather may be pretty changeable at the moment (the BBC forecast keeps changing every few hours..), and I am really not looking forward to riding to work this week (may even use the train..), but autumn is still a wonderful season.

Plenty of rain showers passing over..

Don't eat this one. Seriously.

Sweet chestnuts. A whole bagful was collected.

Bob Symes' beautiful house is still for sale.

One of the bridges built by Lovelace.

Horsley Towers.