Monday, 23 December 2013

The 2013 year in cameraphone review

2013 is coming to an end, and so here, as last year, is the year in photographic review, done entirely with my excessively bad quality seven year old cameraphone:

This would be the Alps.

Leaving cakes provided by a colleague. This one was unintentionally terrifying.

The start of the year was pretty dreary. Oh, and that is also the building that the G8 protestors occupied.

This is Greenwich. I've been here quite a lot this year as my motorbike mechanic is based here.. On the plus side, I went to see the Ansel Adams exhibition.

That's a lovely 125cc two-stroke: the Cagiva Mito. It has enough power to embarrass much bigger bikes. Sadly, this is not mine.

This is mine: the rather bruised and battered Cagiva Raptor. It has been on this stand more than I would like this year.

Oh who would have guessed?! Gloomy skies?! In England?!!

This was a fantastic bike that I bought for £35 and gave many, many years of faithful service. I finally sold it this year after not really needing it anymore..

Oooh. Look at that. London, from high up. And I had no proper camera with me!

So I had to make do with my phone..

Summer, when it finally arrived (June-ish), was admittedly very good.

Though there were some exceptions to that.

Put your feet up. Enjoy the, um, sunshine?

And back to scorching again. Here is the park in Greenwich, looking more like parched African grasslands.

And some changeable weather, of course, for a trip up north, to the Lakes.


More camping!



Rooftop lavender.

That looks suspiciously Instagrammed. But it's not.

And, inevitably, the good summer weather comes to a halt, and we have nothing but pretty appalling weather for four months straight.

Including in the woods.

Actually, I was pretty ill for a lot of 2013. If somebody can cure the common cold, please do so.

Ooh. Where is this?