Saturday, 18 January 2014

Pentax Auto 110: atmospheric black and white

After having experimented with a colour reel for my Pentax Auto 110, I thought I would try out a black and white reel.

Usually I'm not a big fan of converting digital photos to black and white. However, the actual black and white film has produced images which I prefer to the colour results from the same camera. I like the mood and atmosphere of the film black and white.

I probably won't bother with another colour reel of 110 film, but might just buy myself a black and white Orca..

First tester shot.

Entrance to the Victoria and Albert museum.

And shopping.

Right away.

Rusting away.

Agh. Very annoyed about this. Accidentally made a double exposure, and I believe these shots would have been my best. One great shot of two women walking down a very wet avenue..

Horsley Towers.

Guildford lodge.

Wet, wet, wet weather.