Friday, 17 January 2014

Pentax Auto 110: first reel of colour

I had to wait for these shots to come back from a developer. How weird is that?

These photographs are taken with my Pentax Auto 110, which I recently picked up in a junk shop. It's a remarkable little camera, and even if it didn't work I would still like owning it just because of its novelty and place in photographic history.

Taking photos with film after so many years of using digital (I am unfortunately old enough to have used film cameras in the past..) was an unusual experience. Certainly with only 24 shots available I was far more selective about what I photographed, and more careful with my composition and timing (though with fully automatic exposure I couldn't control the camera's interpretation of the scene; even a simple +/- 1 stop exposure compensator would have been appreciated).

As it was a second hand and rather old camera I didn't even know whether the camera was working, so it was with some anxiety that I sent off the film for developing. Fortunately, the shots came back more or less as I imagined they would be.

I certainly learned that the camera needs a lot of light (film was ISO 100, with quite a small f2.8 aperture on all the lenses, not to mention the small negative itself). The camera needs to be held very, very steady.

The quality may not be great, and the exposure is not always as I would have liked it, but nevertheless I like the results and had a fun time taking them.

Black and white shots will follow shortly.

A wet train journey.

Like this one. Lovely light.

You can tell when I was out and about with this camera..

Quite like this one.

Oops. Shaky hands. Low light.

Nowhere near enough light for this.

Not enough light here..

Roads like rivers in the village.

Good old Tintin, my test subject. And the lesson here is: more light needed! (Or even better, an exposure compensator..)