Wednesday, 5 March 2014

More black and white from the Pentax Auto 110

I have been taking some more photos with my Pentax Auto 110. I enjoyed the last black and white reel, so thought I'd try some more of that.

I quite like some of the photos here, but wouldn't use Lomography for processing again. City Photographic did a better job: the developing certainly seems better, the scan size was much larger (Lomography's scan size about 1 megapixel, when the 110 has an equivalent resolution of about 10 megapixels), and why do Lomography feel the need to include a scan of the whole negative? Is it to advertise the fact that I was using their film? Well, I have cropped off the edges here.. City Photographic are also cheaper. I only used Lomography because they were around the corner from my office, but not again.

First shot.. double exposure!

I wasn't expecting the Pentax Auto 110 to perform well in low light, and I wasn't disappointed. This is my motorcycle mechanic.


Propping up the bar at the Nomad theatre.

Wet view from a train.

Still a wet view from a train.

Tintin is in there, see?

Enjoying the sun.



And a hipster-highlock to finish off the film..