Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Weald and Downland museum at night

Recently I had a very interesting evening at the Weald and Downland museum, where I had a guided tour by the museum director, Richard Pailthorpe, about how people lived with darkness before electricity made such things trivial.

I know from my own experience the comfort and happiness that a fire can bring, and I could see that in the houses I saw at Weald and Downland.

It was a very good night, and I would recommend people to visit when they do it again next year.

I also have some daytime photographs for comparison.

The photography in the dark here was really pushing my camera to its usable ISO limits. It would have been great to have the time and freedom to wander around with a tripod to take some much better quality photos, but given the circumstances I'm happy with the results.

Light in the dark.

The stars above the museum.

Time for cocoa and biscuits.

And finally, for comparison, a shot of the night sky above London on the way home. The air is so heavy, yellow and ugly.