Monday, 23 June 2014

New York City in Pentax Auto 110 monochrome #1

I took a recent trip to New York city. Along with my usual digital SLR I also had my Pentax Auto 110 always ready to grab and snap a photo.

Below are some of the results. (The digital photographs are still being sorted, but will be coming soon.) I think the grainy monochrome of the Orca film works quite well in the city.

Touchdown at JFK.

The mid-town skyline.

A tall building. The Empire State building.

Just like a meerkat, I like to get high up to get my bearings.


Batman. Though probably not Robin.

Politicians. Photo op. For me and them.

New York's finest.


Central Park.

The Guggenheim.

Looking over the reservoir.

Family on the reservoir.


Relaxing on the High Line.

The Brooklyn bridge.

Grand Central.
Back to Times Square at night.