Sunday, 6 July 2014

NYC: Central Park

Central Park in Manhattan was a great place. I really enjoyed walking through it on a very busy, sunny Sunday.

Central Park has a lot more diversity than any London park: woods, streams, waterfalls, lakes, reservoirs, rocky outcrops, wild flowers. And with lots of activity areas for baseball and other sports. Cyclists cruised around the roads (closed to traffic). It was really great to see so many people out enjoying it.

And another thing: water fountains. When was the last time anybody saw one of those in a London park? Very useful..

Columbus Circle.


There was a massive charity fun run/walk going on when I arrived in the park. Looked like fun.


Did he kick his boating partner overboard? Or he just wanted some solitude on the lake?

This pair were the best "buskers" I have ever seen. No amplifiers or stereo playing a backing track: just the two of them and their instruments. And the music was loud, clear and beautiful. Very, very talented.


Apparently they head off to the undergrowth to lay their eggs.


Crunch, crunch, crunch.


I'm not quite sure what this was. She was reading aloud to a group of women sitting on benches.

The Guggenheim, which is right next to Central Park.

The reservoir.

The reservoir is a one way running/walking track.

The northern tip of the reservoir.

Strumming away.

Ball park Sunday.

Young explorers.

Impressively wild places for the middle of such a heaving city.

Wild orchids.

The northern end of the park, next to Harlem. This is Harlem Water.