Monday, 7 July 2014

NYC: Governor's Island

As strange as it might sound, Governor's Island was the most interesting place I visited in New York.

I visited on a drizzly, misty Monday morning. I think it's fair to say that not many other people opt for such a day/time/weather to visit, as the place was nearly empty. Only construction people heading out to work on the redevelopment areas, and high school children going to the extremely interesting high school, where the entire curriculum is based around the topic of "water". Classes such as boat building, hydrodynamics, and marine ecology.

It had the feel of a ghost town in many ways: along with the two civil war forts, the island is covered with abandoned military buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries. Lots of housing for senior officers, now slowly decaying gently, but also being given new leases of life by turning them into galleries, small and quirky shops and other interesting things.

Such as the one which said "come in through the window", on the windowsill. So I did, and was greeted with the interior having been drawn and painted on.

I left Governor's Island on the quick ferry ride back to lower Manhattan feeling slightly amused, bemused, but definitely glad that I had visited.


Leaving Manhattan.

The vent for the road tunnel.


Nobody lives in any of these houses.

Fort Jay.

With lower Manhattan in the background.

Castle Williams.

Everything is abandoned, except for one building being used as the "New York Harbour School".

"Come in through the window"

So I did.

This is actually the only photo I have of me in New York. In a paint daubed old kitchen on Governor's Island. Way to go on the selfie!

Take a seat. Relax.

Not sure whether these belonged to Ken Kesey or not.

Heading back.

And back to reality.