Monday, 14 July 2014

NYC: Manhattan by night

And these are my last shots of NYC.

It was a great place to visit, and is certainly a great city. It has history, culture and art (and definitely not just in the museums and galleries and concert halls), and the New Yorkers that I met were all very friendly, open and kind people. In fact, considerably more so than London, so I don't know where the stereotype of unfriendly New Yorkers comes from: in New York I was given "good morning" by people sitting on Central Park benches, enjoying the Sunday morning sun.

It's definitely not a place I could live: it really is an incredibly noisy, busy, chaotic place. But I'm glad I got the chance to visit.

These are my digital shots. I also posted two sets of black and white 110 photos, which I rather liked.

34th street shopping.

Chrysler building all lit up.

Manhattan bridge.

My last night's meal in NYC. The pizza in NYC was okay, and in many places provided a very cheap and filling meal, but it was hardly a match for real Italian (or even my own) pizza.