Monday, 14 July 2014

NYC: Museum Mile

On my last day in New York I was very, very tired after several days of non-stop walking around the city (in rubbish shoes). I had planned to just take a train all the way down to Battery park and enjoy the sunset there.

But instead, on a whim, I changed trains and decided to head uptown to see if the Guggenheim was still open, as I had some spare dollars left.

It was pretty busy when I got there, and found to my surprise that 5th avenue was closed to traffic. There was a lot of stuff going on. People having lots of fun.

It was a "Museum Mile" evening where the museums were free admission (though with some fairly hefty but at least speedy queuing). So, getting in free to the beautiful Guggenheim was a great way to end my stay in NYC.

People were making use of the closed roads. For selfie purposes.

The Met.

Refreshingly, the only police presence were officers making sure that cars at intersections with 5th avenue drove safely. If it were London, the police would have been lined up on the sidelines in riot gear, waiting for somebody to pull a water pistol.

That's 5th avenue. Covered with people.

New York Police Auxiliary. They both looked like they were enjoying the evening too.

Lots of chalking on the road.

Fun and games.

Music and dancing outside the Guggenheim.

And inside the Guggenheim.

It clearly stated at the entrance: photography only permitted on the ground floor. It therefore REALLY annoyed me to see people wandering around the museum taking photographs of all the pieces, like they were just there to create their own personal catalogue.

Seriously, get a life. Just enjoy the art. (It was good. Sadly, the store didn't sell postcards of the ones I really liked. So yeah, I would like to have made my own copy, but I'm not an idiot who disobeys plain and simple rules.)