Friday, 11 July 2014

NYC: Times Square

Times Square, Manhattan. Apparently everybody in the world passes through once in their life.

I am sceptical of this claim, as I have to say that if my company hadn't brought me to New York for a meeting, I probably wouldn't have ever thought to visit Times Square.

Think Piccadilly Circus, but ten times the size, and with a lot of crazy people dressing up as Batman and shouting at people for not tipping them for photographs. I had one woman dressed as some kind of Sesame Street character come up to me asking if I wanted to have a "selfie" with her. I'm not quite sure how I would have managed to take a selfie with the 300mm lens I had mounted at the time.. But anyhow, she wandered off when she realised I wasn't interested. Quite glad, as getting beaten up by Batman might be quite a fun NYC story to tell, but getting beaten up by a Sesame Street character would be something hard to live down.

It's a bit of a crazy place. But worth seeing.

He tried to run for President on a Tea Party ticket, apparently.

Poor old officer Ngyuen was out there all day.

Times Square is a bit chaotic.

Really, all day. I think the squad car maybe has a bed in the back for these long shifts..