Saturday, 12 July 2014

NYC: USS Intrepid and USS Growler museum of air and space

The USS Intrepid museum is pretty good. Out on the Hudson river on the decommissioned aircraft carrier, USS Intrepid, there are a lot of interesting historic planes (including a prototype of the SR71 Blackbird, the fastest production plane built).

Berthed nearby is the nuclear attack submarine, USS Growler, one of the early Cold War diesel attack submarines. Tours can be made, but I'm sure the clean, quiet and calm conditions of a tour don't really match up to what it was really like to serve on such a vessel, submerged with the smell of diesel and hammering of the engines.

Oh look. I went there!

Manhattan, dead ahead!

Prototype of the SR71 Blackbird.

Air National Guard F16.

F14 Super Tomcat.

I've seen these planes doing very low level flybys. The noise is quite something. Like somebody taking a sledgehammer to your guts.

Marine Corps Harrier jumpjet. Definitely a plane that should still be in service. It may be old, but they still work well..

Recovery of a Gemini capsule.

A list of all the people who lost their lives on USS Intrepid.

Retired Navy personnel are on hand to give information. Here, heading down into USS Growler. Entering through the missile hanger, in fact..

Missile hanger. The boat had to surface and spend time preparing these missiles for launch.

The head.

Officer's galley.

Senior officer's quarters.

Officer's mess.

Captain's quarters.

Officer's quarters.

Apparently the guided missile on the top of the sub is pointed at the UN building.

Enlisted men's mess.

And enlisted men's bunks. Next to the torpedoes. Nice.