Wednesday, 9 July 2014

NYC: Williamsburg and Brooklyn

On a very hot day, after several days of walking in substandard footwear, I decided to spend the morning and early afternoon holed up in a comfy, air conditioned cinema, chuckling away as Tom Cruise got squished by a van.

After chortling away at that (really quite good film) I walked across the Williamsburg bridge to Williamsburg (naturally), which is home to a vibrant community of Jews and Hipsters (though the two groups are not necessarily mutually exclusive).

I wandered through Williamsburg to Brooklyn, and again lazily spent a few hours on the waterfront, waiting for the sun to set behind Manhattan.

The park there was swarming with photographers. Really. Swarming. Lots of them arrived early with their tripods and huge loads of gear, staking out spots for the next few hours to do whatever fetish area of photography pleased them. I watched people doing timelapses, super high resolution stitches, HDR, and many other more perverted forms.

I just propped my camera on top of a post and took a few quick snaps before jumping on the ferry back across to Manhattan.

Brooklyn bridge.


Statue of Liberty, with docks in New Jersey beyond.

Mid town skyline.

Ironwork of the Williamsburg bridge.

In Williamsburg.

Back to the Brooklyn bridge.

NYPD water patrols.

I think they were quite drunk.


Freedom really is very good at reflecting the sun.

Sun just disappearing.

Lights beginning to come on.

Lights have come on.

Photographers still hard at work.

I have a ferry ALL TO MYSELF for the ride back across the East river.