Friday, 29 August 2014

Q: Keld, Swaledale

Keld, Upper Swaledale. Taken with the Pentax Q.

I had a lot of fun with the Pentax Q during my recent northern tour. To the extent that I ended up not even using my SLR on some days. I stand by my thoughts on the camera: that it has very definite limitations, but within those limitations it is an excellent and extremely useful bit of kit (camera, three lenses, spare batteries, filters, memory cards, all comfortably housed in a pouch smaller than my SLR camera).

I think the Q's detractors have really missed the point of it: yes, the sensor is really very small (with subsequent impact on image quality), but the camera has all the features/settings of a pro-level SLR, with the benefit of interchangeable lenses. It's a whole camera system that can be carried at all times, and as people say: the best camera is the one you have with you.

Above Thwaite.


Kisdon Foss.

Camp for the night.

Q: Swaledale

Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales.

Near Gunnerside.

Ivelet bridge.

Muker tea shop. Better cakes and cheaper prices than ANYWHERE in London, by a LONG LONG way.

Beer and gas.

Hanging on.

Also hanging on.

From the recent Tour de Yorkshire.

Grinton church, the "cathedral" of Swaledale. All the dead would be carried down the Corpse Way to the church for burial.

This bird had strangely fallen and died right in front of a gravestone.

Grinton lead workings.

And the coldest and best tasting spring water in the world. That never, ever dries up.