Thursday, 28 August 2014

Q: Gunnerside Gill, Yorkshire Dales

Gunnerside Gill is always a beautiful place. Partly because it is so easy to realise the heavy industry that used to rule the place: the shattered remains of the workings, levels, hushes and other remnants of the lead mining further up the valley. And it's easy to imagine the hundreds of men who walked up and down the valley each day to work.

While walking along the river here, a strange thing happened. I was standing watching the dragonflies (my favourite insect, after all), when one suddenly swooped down from nowhere and landed on the middle of my chest. I tried to reach into my bag for my camera to take a snap, but it flew off before I could get it out.

I continued to watch the dragonflies swooping over the river when suddenly another one (maybe the same one) appeared in front of my face, hovering. And then landed straight on my mouth: kissed by a dragonfly. Again, I tried to carefully reach into my bag for my camera, but sadly it flew off before I could get it out..

Beautiful creatures.