Saturday, 16 August 2014

Q: Robin Hoods Bay

Robin Hoods Bay.

Sadly I missed getting fish and chips, and had to eat a picnic on the clifftops instead as dusk fell.

Still, not the worst place for a meal I've ever had!

Seen on the way.

She got up and bumped herself into my lens when I went to take her photo.


This guy went down to the seafront, and turned around to go straight back up. The climb all the way back to the main road to Whitby is a SERIOUS climb, even by Yorkshire standards. Still, it was a fancy carbon Specialized S Works bike..

Surprised the blackbirds don't get murdered by the seagulls.

Getting a tan.


The coast to coast walk ends here.

The Bay.

Ah, the permanence of love.

Sun has set.

And then sun has risen.