Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Pentax Q: Mount Shield lens

I didn't think I would get the "mount shield" lens for Pentax Q, but when I saw it on sale for £25 from MicroGlobe, I figured, why not?

The "mount shield" is a very strange little lens: it is basically a lens cap with a tiny single lens element in the centre, which is about the same size as the lens on most mobile phone cameras.

It is fixed aperture at f9 and has no focussing: only subjects in the centre of the frame within 1-3 metres are in focus, and everything off to the sides meanders off into blurry haze.

It's an acquired look for sure, but the snaps I took on the way back from the shop (near the British Museum) made me already consider it a nice little addition to the Pentax Q bag of gear.

Definitely needs good light, otherwise the f9 aperture will quickly send the ISO skyrocketing in gloomy conditions.

Obligatory testing shots of MicroGlobe's very nice staff.