Monday, 23 March 2015

Photography with Shin

I spent the day teaching photography recently. My excellent student Shin had this to say:

I spent a good half day at Polesden Lacey in Surrey with Guy. It was a good place to learn how to take photos both of inside buildings and of the landscapes outside, and he was a really friendly and patient teacher.

Prior to my lesson, he sent through a number of useful links to read so that I had some understanding of camera basics. As I don’t have much experience, before we started, Guy explained the basic functions of cameras, such as shutter speed, ISO, etc. (If you understand the basic functions of cameras, surely you can skip it!)

I also borrowed his Pentax K5 and he let me have a try with his Pentax K3, so that I could see with which I was more comfortable.

He did not stick to one object, and made me keep trying to take photos of different things—from wallpaper, to flowers, to babies! He also taught be to take photos from different angles, and how to be comfortable in various balanced poses.

It was a really useful and interesting session, and I quickly went from learning the basic buttons and functions to how to start concentrating on taking better photos.

If you tell him your experience and interests, I’m sure he will be able to find a good place to give you a tutorial, and your photos will be surely different after!

One more tip: have a look on his website and find some photos you like and ask him how he took them. It will be really satisfying to learn that you can do similar work! J

After sitting on a bench in the sunshine going through the theory side of things, Shin took control of a Pentax K5 and a couple of lenses.

Some of her excellent photographs (mostly taken in and around Polesden Lacey) are below.