Friday, 20 March 2015

Solar eclipse

I went out to see the eclipse this morning without much hope. None, in fact. Thick grey cloud cover. So, I set up my camera thinking I might take an interesting timelapse of the transition from light to darker to light again.

Luckily, I looked up at one point to see the eclipse through a tiny chink in the cloud cover. Really, the only visible hole in the clouds, and the sun and moon were right behind it. I felt lucky, to say the least. So, I ripped my camera off the tripod, changed lenses, and started snapping away.

This little hole seemed to continue for quite a while, and I was very happy to be able to snap quite a few shots of it.

Presented here in order. Shot with a 500mm lens.

I noticed this lovely shed in the allotments on Westfield (in Richmond) on my way back down the hill. I thought it was quite appropriate!

I snapped this one with the Q as I was walking away (main camera put away). As always, the Q has performed very nicely. Totally unedited.

A total eclipse passed directly over Richmond in 1927, very close to where I was shooting from.