Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Hackfall before the leaves come out

Looking at these photographs of Hackfall show me very clearly how I have matured as a photographer over the last few years: if you do a search online (I'm not going to link to them..) you can see some previous shots of Hackfall taken by me, back in about 2009. They are BAD. There is no other way to describe them. Nasty, over-processed fish-eye shots. (Though these ones aren't too bad, considering it was nearly dark when taking them.)

When venturing into Hackfall this time I took my nifty-fifty (50mm f1.7) and 10-20mm lenses. And for processing I have done little more than tweak the curves, boost the contrast a bit and adjust the white balance.

It's good to settle into a style you're happy with. And it's also good to be capable of shooting diverse subjects: just before heading down into Hackfall, I photographed a nearby enduro race. To say that the two subjects require different approaches is putting it mildly! (Well, for anybody interested, the enduro shots were all shot in shutter priority mode at a shutter speed of 1/500.)

View from The Banqueting Hall, down to Fishers Hall.

The pond, and fountain. I waited for about half an hour for it to spout. It didn't.. (I even went onto the island, getting soaked feet, to check it..)

Fishers Hall.

The River Ure.

Mowbray Castle.

The bluebells are coming out nicely.

The Banqueting Hall. Can be hired from the Landmark Trust. To say that it has impressive views is putting it mildly: I think the view from here is possibly my favourite in England.