Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Summer holiday photos

These are not my photos. I found them in an album in an Oxfam shop. Summer of '67? I love them. Some really artistic and well-composed shots from a couple who were obviously very keen on photography (she can be seen with a period SLR around her neck).

The prints are well done and very large, taking up nearly the whole page of the large album in most cases. Maybe partly due to the tone of the images, some of them have a very Frank Meadow Sutcliffe feel to them (some of whose books on Whitby I also recently found in Oxfam).

It's a little sad and surprising to find such an album given away to a charity shop. But even though the people in the shots are unknown, hopefully others can enjoy them here as I have.

The front cover.

Classic shot.

It's a theatrical set. Dramatic.

Again, classic.

Note her camera. And his shades. And defeated posture.

Sorry about the reflections. These aren't scans, just snaps with my Pentax Q.

I love this page.

This is my favourite. Amazing shot.

London seems......?