Friday, 17 July 2015

Hackfall in evening and night

Hackfall, on a spring evening and night.

The Ruin. 

Mowbray castle. 

It was much, much darker than it appears here. I was already having to use a torch to get around the forest.

The 8mm fisheye had a rare evening out. (I've really gone off it for landscape photography though..)

Fisherman's Hall.
I don't usually talk much about how a photograph has been taken, but for the shot above of Fisherman's Hall I'm going to make an exception.

This photo was taken from the decking of The Ruin with a 50mm f1.7 lens. However, in reality, it was complete darkness to the human eye. To frame up the shot I had to take several 15 second exposures at ISO 51,200 (yes, really, the Pentax K3 goes that high..) to see what the camera was pointing at. And once I had it framed up correctly, I took a 12 minute exposure at f3.5 and ISO 400. The result was not very interesting, as it was like the above but the Fisherman's Hall was not visible in the blackness, so it looked more like a snapshot taken during late dusk.

So, I decided to try again. Only this time I set the camera to delay starting the exposure and during that time I left all my stuff up at The Ruin (it was 1am so I felt fairly safe leaving it..) and I ran down through the forest to the Hall and lit it up with my torch for a few minutes. And then ran back to The Ruin (all of which took about fifteen minutes, which I was quite pleased with, as I haven't done much running lately!).

The result may not be an immediate "wow", because yes I know it's not a pretty sunset etc etc and there aren't any great big overexposed foreground rocks etc etc, but when you consider that this was taken in near complete darkness (new moon) and the fact that I ran down to artificially light the Hall, I feel quite pleased with this shot.