Sunday, 6 September 2015

Hadrian's Wall Night Patrol

This night patrol event at Housesteads fort on Hadrian's Wall was fun, but unfortunately, badly organised. English Heritage, suggest you take note:

* Event was way overbooked. The spectator area was on a downward slope away from the display area. Therefore, anybody not at the front could not see. I saw a number of people leave early because of this.
* Don't make the audience run from one part of the spectating area to another. I think most people missed the main battle because of this.
* Hilariously bad planning after the event for the walk back down. Fortunately, it seems the legion themselves managed to come up with a solution, rather than the unworkable one that EH's staff were shouting out to people.
* Do you really need to have a distracting camera drone hovering above all the time?
* Please stop using the Gladiator music. In fact, just please stop with any music..

And also to EH: you should have made it very clear on the website that members had to pay just to get into the fort, all day.

The legion themselves were really very good, and it is wonderful that they make the journey all the way from Italy to do this. Thanks to Legio I Italica.