Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Hidden Valley of Glen Coe

The Hidden Valley in Glen Coe.

Legend has it that cattle were driven up to this valley to hide them. I find it rather hard to believe, as the going would be rather difficult in many places for such large animals.

This really was a pretty wonderful walk. During a break in the (awful) weather that looked like it might hold for more than five minutes, I decided to try and make an ascent up the Hidden Valley and Stob Coire nan Lochan, an 1115m "Munro" peak. Bear in mind that I started walking at about 4.30pm (with sunset at 8.30pm), and I tend to walk at a rather stop-start pace as I am easily distracted by things to see and photograph.

Well, I didn't quite make it to the top. I was about 100m below the summit (which was totally covered in cloud cover anyway, so I wouldn't have had a view!), and I decided to turn back as I knew I would be out in darkness and the weather was turning bad again.

Still, it was beautiful. A wonderful walk up the Hidden Valley, with water pouring off every side. Calm in the valley itself, and then a scramble up the far end towards the peak. The weather was dramatic. I will be back.

The track starts upwards.

It is like a rainforest in here, with all the water.

Coming to the top of the climb into the valley, and it flattens out very quickly.

Note the people pitching tent on the right. (I did think about commenting that any heavy rain during the night might wash them away.. but figured that was their business..)


The path keeps on going up.

And up.

I turned around and there they were. And, fortunately, finally a justification for having dragged my telephoto lens up with me!

They apparently spend the summer months up on the mountain tops, as it is quieter, and there are less insects.

Making their way off.

Saw this little chap hopping around.

These photos don't really give a sense of how dark it already was.

Looking back up at the Three Sisters, following morning.