Monday, 19 October 2015

Autumn Dales

Redmire tree.

This wasn't taken by me. It was taken by a woman who I met who was taking photos, who had a very severe speech disorder. I could tell that she knew what I was talking about, and she enjoyed using my camera (and understood all instructions about it), but I couldn't understand anything she was saying. It was nice to meet her - I gave her a business card, so on the off-chance she sees this, please do get in touch. And also, it made me think that instead of the usual photography tutorial stuff, what I would really like to do is photography tuition for the disabled. That would be a very satisfying thing to do..
Some people came walking through this field with two Jack Russells, off the leads. Quite obviously, the dogs chased the sheep (this is what they were running from in this photo). I shouted at the owners, who clearly couldn't care less. If I was a farmer, I would have felt very justified in shooting the dogs. Though I'd rather have shot the owners, and given the dogs to more responsible owners..