Sunday, 18 October 2015

Pickering War Weekend 2015

First of all, yes, there are lots of photos below. But I like them, and hopefully people will have fun scrolling through seeing if they can find a photo of themselves.

Secondly, the 1940s really were a stylish time. Maybe not quite up to the heights of the Roaring Twenties, but not far off. I was dressed up for the occasion too (and there are a couple of shots of me below.. my thanks to the photographer), and I felt pretty stylish for a change.

Anyway, a good weekend.

A technical note on the photography: nearly all of these are taken with a fairly wide prime lens (31mm, specifically). I used to be of the school of thought that these sort of shots are best taken with a long zoom lens which lets you stay back and "unobserved". However, the sort of shots you get with a long zoom lens are entirely different: perspective and depth are squashed, and you don't get any of the sense of up-close-immediacy that you get with a wider lens. So, all day long I found I was "in the way" of other photographers who were standing 20ft away from their subject, looking exasperated as I wandered through "their" shot, snapping away from a much closer distance. My advice to them: ditch the long lens and get close. (And a general note to all photographers: try using a single prime for an entire day. You might think you are "crippled", but the reality is you will end up taking much better shots, as you will start looking for the shots that fit your lens. All the shots below were taken with two prime lenses, one wide, one slightly longer.)

Ian Forsyth, whose work I really like, and who I keep bumping into.