Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Rescuing Herdwina

A rescue mission in the Lake District!

While snapping Eskdale from above, I noticed a Herdwick sheep looking rather trapped.

Okay, okay. Once she got thirsty she'd no doubt have found her own way off, but I decided to go up and give Herdwina (thanks to Jenn for now making me think of all Herdwicks as "Herdwina") a bit of a shove.

So yes, there I was, 100 ft above the rocks below, on a small grassy ledge with a Herdwick sheep stomping her hoof at me, hoping she wasn't going to charge past me and knock me to my death.

And if I had fallen, everybody would have thought: oh, that lunatic again, in a weird place trying to get a good photo. When instead, I was helping a sheep in distress.