Saturday, 26 December 2015

Annual Review 2015

Below are a few (quite a few..) photos taken during 2015, presented in absolutely no particular order.

As you can see, it was a pretty productive year, with a pretty wide variety of subjects.

And a wide variety of cameras too. My Pentax K3 and Pentax Q did good service as usual, and I shot quite a lot on film at the start of the year (a Pentax Auto 110, a Rollei 35 LED, an Olympus Trip 35, and a Lomo Smena 8M). I also tried some new digital cameras through a bit of begging and borrowing, including a full spectrum camera, and the Fuji X line (which has pretty much made me a convert to Fuji cameras: the cameras and lenses are pretty much a photographer's dream, especially one who likes to carry a bit less weight!).

Anyway. Hope you've got yourself a nice hot drink to enjoy these with..