Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Appleby after the floods

Appleby in Westmoreland.

Before arriving I had, stupidly, forgotten about the terrible flooding in December (2015). The effects were still very obvious, months on: whole streets of shops and houses closed, with workmen inside stripping everything out to refit. Sandbags and skips on the streets.

Strangely, a cafe right on the bridge, right next to the river, was spared. I had breakfast in there, sitting by a window which would have had water raging right outside it.

This was all underwater.

Dehumidifiers provided the chorus in the church.

So many places affected.

Taking a break from the clean up operation.

They probably had fish swimming through the fryers..

Somebody's new home?

Looks so peaceful..

This pub is now for sale. You may have trouble insuring it..

View from the cafe that was spared. Even though the water would have been lapping at this window..