Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Dales photography book available

I have produced a book of photographs of the Yorkshire Dales. You can order it through Blurb.

As a record of the area, I am very proud of it: there are dozens (hundreds) of books of photographs of the Yorkshire Dales, but most focus on the landscapes. I have tried to give a more balanced view, with plenty of photographs of the people and places that really make the area what it is. Landscapes change slowly if at all, but people come and go in the blink of an eye: my camera has caught some of them, fleetingly.

It is quite expensive to buy, but that isn't because I'm making much money from it (I will make £1 per copy): print-on-demand via Blurb is expensive. The print quality however is excellent - I am really pleased with it. Pictured here is my original softcover copy (which I think I prefer to hardcover). It is 132 pages, absolutely crammed with full-page photographs.

I am going to be leaving the Dales in a few months, so this is going to be my final project on the area. I hope people enjoy it.