Friday, 9 December 2016

A Beamish Christmas

A Christmas evening at Beamish.

I love Beamish. It's a really special place, where visitors of all ages can genuinely be interested in what is on display and happening. It's an experience of nostalgia for sure ("I'm wandering around a 1912 town dressed in Christmas lights!"), but also a genuine learning experience from the staff who work there. I don't know how Beamish recruits its staff but they're doing something right, because all the ones I have met and spoken to on my visits have been very friendly, down to earth, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about whatever it is they are doing: you can learn something interesting from everybody there. They all do the place a credit. And I was told by a mummer last night while we were queuing up for hot drinks (me for hot chocolate, him for some hot water because they bring their own tea bags!) that Beamish is kept afloat primarily by the purchase of food/drink and other little extras (it is an incredibly expensive place to run - the steam train alone costs about £1000 a day to run).

So go and visit Beamish and buy a hot chocolate (it was good hot chocolate).