Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Arran 4: Lochranza

Lochranza. On the isle of Arran.

The castle here was the inspiration for the castle in Tintin's "The Black Island". Being a huge Tintin fan this was big stuff for me. However, Herge seemingly put Lochranza's castle on the top of Goat Fell, in the middle of the sea. A bit of artistic license.

The village surrounds the bay, where deer come down and munch everything, everywhere. Deer trimming people's hedges; deer keeping the golf course well manicured.

Up on the hill is the Stone Man's house, where he makes art works out of stones from the beaches.

Frida. After Frida Kahlo.

Obstacle on the third hole.

Nearly every house had a US Mail postbox. Must have been some kind of local inside joke. 

Frida and Fred. Fred lives in the village but travels worldwide on a frequent basis: he is the manager for quite a famous musician.