Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Arran 9: Corrie

Corrie. On the north east Arran coast. A rather beautiful little village, strung out over a fairly long distance, hugging the beach and the coastal road. Seals bask on rocks, staring suspiciously at you as you wander closer to them. Many of the houses have their own personal cave system, as caves are so common in the hills behind the beach (including one strata of rock which is entirely composed of fossilised oysters). A couple of harbours are found, one of which has a Viking longboat, and the other has bollards shaped like sheep, which might be a little odd at first, to see boats moored up to extremely patient sheep standing on the harbour walls.

A peeing seal pup.

A well furnished cave. The cave system seemed to go down and down into the hill.

A dalek.

As far as I could see, the cave had no electrical sockets anywhere.