Saturday, 31 March 2018

Beijing: Yonghe Temple

The Yonghe Temple in Beijing. Also known as the Lama Temple. A school of Tibetan Buddhism, and decorated in a Tibetan style.

Colourful and fragrant: people flock here to burn incense.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Beijing: Day 3

Another wander in the Beijing smog. Probably if I had been planning a longer trip I would have purchased a face mask..

Tiantan park and the Temple of Heaven were rather beautiful, given a starkly lit appearance under the smoggy cream coloured skies.

I went at the wrong time of day to see people practicing Tai Chi etc, but I did find it very interesting to see the long covered walkway where lots of older Chinese congregated to play card games and Chinese chess, always with lots of spectators at the latter.

Crows gathered on the rooftops of Zhai Gong, cackling away, with a slightly different call to European crows. The red sun dipped low behind them.

And then gone. Over Mongolia and Siberia.