Thursday, 22 March 2018

Shanghai: Day 1

Arrival into Shanghai. Speeding into the city on the maglev train at 431 kilometres per hour. Like flying at ground level.

Pu Dong has changed a lot since I last visited. The tallest building back then was the Pearl Tower ("If Liberace Designed Television Towers"). Since then, there has clearly been a "my tower is bigger than your tower" pissing contest.

The rest of the Pu Dong waterfront was derelict warehouses and dock cranes when I last visited. Now it is unrecognisable.

Under all the towers there are still low-rise residential areas. Here I found noodles, freshly made in front of my eyes, for 10 yuan. It was like a magic trick: he pulled some dough off the main lump, stretched it out a few times, flicked his hands back and forth so fast it was difficult to see what he was doing, and hey presto, perfectly formed noodles. Which were dumped in the pot. And they were delicious.