Friday, 23 March 2018

Shanghai: Day 2

Rain. Lots of rain. All day. So it was possibly not the best idea to walk from the far west of the city all the way to the Bund. As it turns out it was a boring route anyway, possibly made slightly miserable by the weather.

Lots of vertiginous concrete architecture. Lots of electric mopeds speeding around everywhere. Including on all the pavements. Rain. More rain.

And then an evening wander into the "Old Quarter". Except, this particular bit of the alleged old quarter looked pretty new to me, on the whole. A bit as if a property developer had come along and said, right, we're building something that looks like old Chinese buildings. And we want them bright and sparkly at night!

It was beautiful. But also felt rather commercialised. Probably no surprise, given that the area is specifically called the "Yuyuan Tourist Mart".