Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Richmond Boundary Walk 2018

Richmond’s historic boundary walk took place today, led by the Pinder, Jeff Edmondson. In tow was town council mayor, Jonathan Preece and town crier Barry Heap (who went between most locations on his electric bicycle).

At certain points on the fourteen mile route the town crier proclaimed the boundary points, with the mayor occasionally throwing stones over buildings and wading into the river Swale (the second time taking a bit of a fall on the slippery stones).

The ceremony is thought to date back to 1575, and this was the 63rd boundary riding, as it is held every seven years.

Town council estimates are that around 600 people attended the walk, with refreshment stations set up and manned by town council and Round Table volunteers, as well as personnel from REME and 5 Armoured Medical Regiment. Swaledale Mountain Rescue team were also in attendance. The Black Sheep Brewery provided free beer.