Saturday, 25 August 2018

Rio: Don't stray too far from the sea

Like any city in the world, you see some interesting stuff just by wandering the streets. Or in my case, cruising the streets on my Bee, and stopping off whenever anything looked interesting.

This really was an interesting day's wandering. Stopping first when I saw a "homicidios" police car, and wanted a shot of it. Sadly no corpse in the background. But while wandering there, I saw a man repairing reed furniture, right on the street. I went up to him and asked whether he minded me taking his photo and he seemed very pleased that I was taking an interest in his work.

Onwards along the streets. People, and high security apartment buildings with razor wire mingling with the flowers. And then I found myself by the side of a river. On the other side was the impressive bulk of Pedra da Gavea. At 844m it's nearly as high as any English Lake District peak, and very obviously a much more difficult climb, with most sides being almost sheer bare rock. I contemplated climbing it (alone) but after studying photos that I could find of the potential route I decided against it, probably wisely.

Back down at sea level, there were lots of small fishing boats moored up on the beach here, though the beach itself was invisible, hidden underneath a tangled rug of old nets. Nearby, a group of three men were sitting in the sun, mending nets.

Graffiti everywhere. Really incredible graffiti. I was disappointed while in Rio to not see anybody actually doing the graffiti.. It can even be found in traffic tunnels, where the artists would be standing precariously on thin ledges, with traffic seething past.

And then back into the favela for early evening, where people were gathering on the streets to chat and enjoy themselves.