Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Rio: Centro 2

Another wander around central Rio.

The Metropolitan Cathedral is truly exceptional. Hence why I came back for a second look. The mix of 75m high stained glass windows with the feeling of being inside a giant air conditioning vent is quite unusual.

The nearby steps of Selaron were quite interesting. One crazy local resident wanted his steps to be a bit more colourful, so he started tiling them in 1990. Since then, he and other people have contributed to make them a riot of colour, with tiles from around the world being placed there. Sadly, Escadaria SelarĂ³n himself was found dead on the steps in 2013, with burn marks on his body.

Oh, and capoeira. How anybody could ever have thought this "dance" was anything but a martial art was very naive indeed, but that's what it was originally intended to be: a martial art disguised as a dance, as slaves weren't allowed to practice martial arts. And it is incredibly beautiful when done by seriously fit and well trained practitioners, whirling around in the air in gravity defying ways that make me incredibly jealous that I can't do that.